21-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Auto Parts for Sale
These are great ramps; and ramps are so much easier, faster, and safer than jacks.
This screen door is a sturdy, quality, used door that was replaced with a security door, not due to any problem with this door. Great as a replacement for your damaged door or for a new cool project at a great bargain price.
21-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Auto Parts for Sale
These salvaged windows will be great for many projects, in addition to being replacements for an RV in need of a window. They are 16"x40" where they sit between frame members with an additional mounting flange to overhang and mount to the framing. $ 7.00 each 10.00 both
20-Jun-2018Roseville, CA(16 miles)Community
Sacdesi provide the quality and genuine information about Sacramento. We gives the information about dance studio who are searching studio for rent. Instructors can rent our studio to conduct their classes. The studio is 1000 sq.ft
This knife has it all saw, ruler cutting hook, chisel point, and hammer pommel.
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Stuff For Sale
A very authentic handmade bowl and beautiful blue base.
Specifications 1 x 30mm Extra bright with a wide field of view Weight: Approximately: .5 pounds Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5.8 x 5.3 x 2.5 inches. Made of highest quality material Manufacturer: Tasco Tasco 1x30 Red dot sight Bkrd30 MAGNIFICATION: 1x FIELD-OF-VIEW: 57' @ 100 yards LENS COATING: RubiconĀ® multi-layered, fully coated FOCUS TYPE: Fixed PARALLAX SETTING: 50 yards OBJECTIVE ...
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Tools for Sale
This great and very powerful old drill needs a new cord and a little TLC. but then it'll be ready to work harder than any portable drill around.
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Electronics for Sale
Now, this is the way to live instead of play your driving games.
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Tools for Sale
These sixteen freshly sharpened 7 1/4" blades for a heavy duty worm drive saw are a tremendous bargain at only $24 for all sixteen. That's only a buck and a half each.
Don't miss this classic "Big Hat" lantern. These lanterns are not "all hat and no cattle" - great lanterns - their seriously bright light is well spread and reflected by their big hats.
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Tools for Sale
A very versatile and useful torque wrench. In great condition with a bonus matching 22mm socket.
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Auto Parts for Sale
Like new in original carry case with manual and hang tag. likely never used. Don't get stranded in the snow. Don't pay three times as much on the snowy roadside. Be prepared for only $12.
19-Jun-2018Rocklin, CA(13 miles)Furniture for Sale
A wall or dresser top mirror and headboard. Your choice for $15, or both for $20.
This cash register is in very good condition - barely used, and comes with its manual to allow you to quickly use all of its business growing features.
Both heaters are in excellent condition and are ready to keep you warm through these cold winter nights. Both - $30 Either - $20
This stove is in great condition, being lightly used. In addition to being a very good outdoorsman's stove this quality alcohol stove is a must have vehicle safety item for winter travel. A quality commercially made alcohol stove is the only safe stove for use in vehicles or other confined spaces - the reason that they've been used so often in sailboats.
Yes, these simple chrome wire shoe racks were ubiquitous in 50s and 60s closets. They are still as useful as ever, and even a bit retro cool now.
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